(a)   Immediately after the special assessment roll shall have been completed, the Treasurer shall refer the same to the Clerk, who shall lay the same before Council at its next regular meeting.
   (b)   Whenever such special assessment roll shall be presented to Council, it shall fix a time and place when Council will meet and consider objections to the same and shall give notice of the same by publication for two weeks in a newspaper circulated in the Village, or by posting such notice in three public places within the Village for a like period.
   (c)   At the time so fixed for the review of said special assessment roll or at any duly adjourned time, Council shall meet in the Council Chambers as a board of review to hear any objections thereto by any interested person who may appear in person, by agent or attorney.  Council shall correct the same, if necessary, and confirm it as reported or corrected, or it may refer the assessment back to the Village Treasurer for revision, or annul it and direct a new assessment.  If the special assessment roll is confirmed, the Clerk shall endorse a certificate upon the roll showing the date of confirmation.
   (d)   If the special assessment roll is confirmed, Council, at its next meeting, shall so declare by resolution by a vote of a majority of all elected members.