All roads or streets hereafter established in the Village shall comply with the following minimum specifications:
   (a)   The right of way of all roads or streets shall be not less than sixty-six feet in width.
   (b)   The road or street grade, being the middle travelled portion of such right of way, shall be not less than twenty-four feet in width.
   (c)   The surface of the grade shall be covered with approved gravel to a depth of seven inches of loose gravel for the center eighteen feet in width of said road grade, using not less than 2,059 cubic yards of approved gravel or thirty- nine cubic yards for each 100 feet of said road grade. At least fifty percent extra approved gravel shall be used at all street intersections.
   (d)   All gutters or side ditches shall be "V" shaped, one foot in depth below the shoulder of the grade, with front and back slopes of one foot to each four feet of width.
   (e)   All such roads or streets shall be drained to carry off all surface water.
   (f)   The words "approved gravel" shall mean gravel accepted by the Board of County Road Commissioners of Eaton County.
(Ord. 51. Passed 3-13-62.)
   (g)   All streets shall be blacktopped with a minimum of two-inch thick 4.11 Asphalt or its equivalent.
   (h)   All dead-end streets shall have a minimum sixty-six foot diameter cul-de-sac.