It is the intent and purpose of this section to establish regulations and concepts for placement of wireless communication towers and antennas. In this regard, it is the desire of the Village to protect residential and commercial areas and land uses from potential adverse impacts of such towers and antennas; and encourage the location of towers in agricultural areas, minimize the total number of towers throughout the Village, encourage the joint use of new and existing tower sites as a primary option, rather than construction of additional single-use towers; encourage owners and users of such facilities to place same to the extent possible in areas where adverse impact on the Village is minimized; to encourage owners and users of such facilities to adopt designs and configurations that minimize the adverse visual impact of said facilities, including but not limited to siting, landscape, screening, camouflage technique and coloration; to enhance the ability of providers of telecommunication services to provide such services to users within the Village; to consider public health and safety; and to avoid potential damage to adjacent properties from tower failure through engineering and site selection.
(Ord. 2001-2. .Passed 8-13-01.)