(a)   A provider shall make application within the Village for access to and the ongoing use of all public rights-of-way located within the Village on a form approved for such purpose by the Village Council. The Village shall require a fee for this purpose in an amount set forth in the General Fee Schedule set forth in Section 208.01 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   The Village shall approve or deny access within 45 days from the date a provider files an application for a permit for access to a public right-of-way. The Village may require as a condition of the permit that a bond be posted by the provider, which shall not exceed the reasonable cost to ensure that the public right-of-way is returned to its original condition during and after the provider's access and use.
   (c)   A provider undertaking an excavation, constructing or installing facilities within a public right-of-way or temporarily obstructing a public right-of-way shall promptly repair all damage done to the street surface and all installations on, over, below or within the public right-of-way and shall properly restore the public right-of-way to its pre-existing condition.
(Ord. 2002-8. Passed 10-14-02.)