(a)   No person shall permit any snow or ice to remain on any sidewalk, in front of any house, building or lot, occupied by him or her, or on the sidewalk in front of any unoccupied house, building or lot owned by him or her, for a longer period than twenty-four hours after the same has fallen or formed.
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to place or cause to be placed ice or snow upon a public right of way so as to impair vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
   (c)   When ice is formed on any sidewalk, such owner or occupant, as above provided, shall, within twelve hours after the same has formed, cause salt, ashes, sawdust or sand to be strewn thereon.
   (d)   If any abutting property owner, after having been properly notified of his or her duty to clear such sidewalk or to cause salt, ashes, sawdust or sand to be strewn thereon, fails to do so within the time limits set forth in this section, Council may, without further notice, cause the same to be done at the expense of such owner and Council shall cause the amount of all expenses incurred thereby, together with a penalty of ten percent in addition thereto, to be reported to the Assessor to be levied by him or her as a special tax or assessment upon the lot or premises adjacent to and abutting upon such sidewalk. Such tax or assessment shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 660.99.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 6-13-77.)