(a)   No person shall permit any snow or ice to remain on any sidewalk, in front of any house, building or lot, occupied by him or her, or on the sidewalk in front of any unoccupied house, building or lot owned by him or her, for a longer period than 24 hours after the same has fallen or formed.
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to place or cause to be placed ice or snow upon a public right of way so as to impair vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
   (c)   Notice to Abate. If the owner or occupant fails to clear such sidewalk as required in subsection (a) or places or causes to be placed ice or snow upon a right of way as prohibited in subsection (b) the Village shall post a notice to the abutting property. Said notice shall contain the following:
      (1)   A statement that the snow or ice must be removed from a public sidewalk as stated in subsection (a);
      (2)   Causing ice or snow to be placed upon a right-of-way so as to impair vehicular or pedestrian traffic is prohibited as stated in subsection (b);
      (3)   That 24 hours after posting, the Village may remove or cause to be removed the snow or ice and the property owner will be assessed the Village's removal cost, and;
      (4)   The date and time the posting was placed on the property.
   (d)   Abatement Authorized. In addition to the penalty provided in Section 660.99 , if the owner or occupant fails to comply with any notice issued pursuant to subsection (c), the Village may, 24 hours after posting pursuant to subsection (c), remove or cause to be removed the conditions as described in said notice and assess the property owner with the actual costs of abatement.
   (e)   Upon abatement of any condition by the Village pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, the enforcement official shall file a statement of actual costs incurred by affidavit with the Clerk. Upon receipt of such affidavit of costs, the Clerk shall place the same on file and serve a copy thereof upon the owner as appears on the Village tax assessment records. Said notice shall be served by delivering a written copy of the same to the owner, by first class mail. The notice shall state that if payment in full of the costs contained therein is not made within 60 calendar days of the date of the notice, which notice shall be dated as of the date of personal service or the date of mailing, the Clerk shall certify the costs as delinquent and submit said costs to the Treasurer, setting forth the name of the owners of the property, if known, and a description of the property where the blighted condition was remedied. The Treasurer shall place the costs upon the assessment roll charged to the property described and the costs shall be collected in the same manner as provided by the statutes for the collection of Village taxes. Such tax or assessment shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 660.99.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 6-13-77; Ord. 2020-02. Passed 1-11-21.)