(a)   The Village Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and shall be responsible to Council for the efficient administration of all affairs of the Village and shall exercise management supervision over all departments and all public property belonging to the Village.
   (b)   The Manager shall have the following functions and duties:
      (1)   Attend meetings of Council and the committees thereof and take part therein, but without a vote.
      (2)   Be responsible for personnel management and issue, subject to Council approval, personnel rules applicable to all Village employees.  The Manager shall have the following responsibilities:
         A.   To appoint, suspend or remove all appointed administrative officers and department heads, subject to Council approval.  The Manager shall recommend to Council the salary or wages to be paid each such official.
         B.   To appoint, suspend or remove all other employees of the Village.  All such actions shall be based on merit and taken pursuant to personnel rules approved by Council.  The Manager shall recommend to Council the salaries or wages to be paid to all such employees.
      (3)   Exercise supervisory control over all departments and personnel, including the Department of Public Works, the Publicly Owned Treatment Works, the Village Office, the Street Administrator, the Fire Marshal and the Zoning Officer.
      (4)   Exercise supervisory responsibility over the accounting, budgeting, personnel, purchasing and related management functions of the Village Clerk and Village Treasurer.  The Manager may delegate some or all of the duties of the Village Clerk or Village Treasurer to appointed officers or employees, provided that such delegation shall not relieve the Manager of the responsibility for the proper conduct of those duties.
      (5)   Be authorized to attend all meetings of Village boards and commissions, with the right to take part therein, but without a vote.
      (6)   Prepare and administer the budget as provided for in the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, being Act 2 of the Public Acts of 1968, as amended.
      (7)   Be the purchasing agent of the Village.
      (8)   Prepare and maintain an administrative code defining the duties and functions of the officers and departments of the Village, subject to approval by Council.
      (9)   Investigate all complaints concerning the administration of the Village, and have authority at all times to inspect the books, records and papers of any agent, employees or officer of the Village.
      (10)   Make recommendations to Council for the adoption of such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the improvement or betterment of the Village.
      (11)   Perform other duties as required from time to time by Council.
(Ord. 97-2.  Passed 8-11-97.)