(a)   Petition. Any owner of land adjacent to or intersected by a boundary of the Village, who wishes to have the entire parcel or portion thereof included in or excluded from the Village, may petition the Village Council to initiate a change in Village boundaries. Such petition shall contain a description by metes and bounds of the lands proposed to be added to or taken out of the Village and shall set forth the reasons for the proposed change. Such petition shall be accompanied by a deposit in an amount to be set by resolution of the Village Council to cover the expenses of said change of boundaries.
   (b)   Fees. From the deposit there shall be deducted all expenses incurred by the Village in the course of considering and acting upon said change of boundaries, including fees for the publishing of required notices of boundary change and zoning of added property, costs of special meetings, if any, of bodies required to consider said boundary change and zoning, attorney's fees for the drafting and presenting of necessary petitions and resolutions, and all other expenses actually incurred by the Village. If the expenses incurred are less than the deposit, the Clerk shall refund the difference to the landowner. If the expenses incurred exceed the deposit, the landowner shall be required to pay the difference to the Village. The Clerk has the discretion to require a second deposit in an amount to be set by the Clerk whenever expenses actually incurred exceed the deposit on hand prior to completion of the boundary change.
   (c)   Council Action. If the Village Council deems the boundary change desirable, it shall resolve that a petition be filed for such change with the Eaton County Board of Commissioners and that such other steps be taken as required by law.
(Ord. Unno. Passed 3-9-81.)