(A)   Joint application. Registrants may jointly apply for permits to excavate or obstruct the right-of-way at the same place and time.
   (B)   Shared fees.
      (1)   Registrants who apply for permits for the same obstruction or excavation, which the city does not perform, may share in the payment of the obstruction or excavation permit fee.
      (2)   In order to obtain a joint permit, registrants must agree among themselves as to the portion each will pay and indicate the same on their applications.
   (C)   With city projects. Registrants who join in a scheduled obstruction or excavation performed by the city, whether or not it is a joint application by two or more registrants or a single application, are not required to pay the excavation or obstruction and degradation portions of the permit fee, but a permit would still be required.
(Ord. 12-03, passed 3-26-2012)