All burning permitted hereunder shall be subject to the following restrictions:
   (A)   Burning shall not occur within 20 feet of any property line or structure.
   (B)   All burning must be attended until the fire is completely extinguished by a competent person at least 18 years of age. For purposes of this subchapter, COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED shall mean that there are no burning or smoldering embers and no smoke is being produced.
   (C)   The person responsible for the open burning shall have a water supply, a hose connected to a water supply, or other fire extinguishing equipment available for prevention and suppression of the spread of fire.
   (D)   All burning conducted pursuant to authority under a permit issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency shall be commenced only after the permitee has filed a copy of such permit with the village and the local fire protection district, which permit shall be filed with the village and the local fire protection district not less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled burn date.
   (E)   Burning shall not create a visibility hazard on streets or roadways.
   (F)   Open burning is not permitted when the wind is in excess of 10 miles per hour as determined by the closest office of the National Weather Service or other recognized weather reporting agency.
(Ord. 2013-09, passed 7-23-2013) Penalty, see § 95.99