(A)   The performance area of an adult cabaret shall be limited to one or more stages or platforms permanently anchored to the floor (“cabaret stage”). Each cabaret stage shall be at least 18 inches in elevation above the level of the patron seating areas. Each cabaret stage shall be separated by a distance of at lease ten feet from all areas of the premises to which adult use patrons have access. A continuous barrier at least three feet in height and located at least ten feet from all points of each cabaret stage shall separate each cabaret stage from all patron seating areas. The barrier shall consist of horizontal or vertical members spaced no more than nine inches apart and nine inches from the floor or the walls to which it is attached.
   (B)   Sufficient lighting shall be provided and equally distributed throughout the public areas of the adult cabaret so that all objects are plainly visible at all times. A minimum lighting level of not less than 30 lux horizontal, measured at 30 inches from the floor and on ten-foot centers shall be maintained at all times for all areas of the adult cabaret where patrons are admitted.
   (C)   (1)   No tip or gratuity from any patron may be offered or accepted for any performance by an employee on any cabaret stage at any time prior to the completion of any such performance.
      (2)   No patron shall offer, and no employee having performed on any cabaret stage shall accept, any form of tip or gratuity offered directly to the employee by any patron.
      (3)   Rather, following completion of a performance, all tips and gratuities to employees performing on any cabaret stage shall be placed into a receptacle provided for receipt of the tips and gratuities by the adult use.
   (D)   A sign at least two feet by two feet, with letters at least one-inch high shall be conspicuously displayed on or adjacent to every cabaret stage stating the following:
This adult cabaret is regulated by the County of DeWitt. Entertainers are:
a.   Not permitted to engage in any type of sexual conduct;
b.   Not permitted to appear in a state of nudity;
c.   Not permitted to accept tips or gratuities for any performance until after completion of the performance;
d.   Not permitted to accept any tips or gratuities directly from patrons even after completion of the performance. Any such tips must be placed into the receptacle provided by management.
(Ord. 04-002, passed 2-19-2004)  Penalty, see § 113.99