(A)   All utilities must be installed a minimum of 36 inches below the finished surface. Cable television cables shall be installed as specified by town franchise. In the event there are special public safety concerns in the opinion of the Public Works Supervisor, three-dimensional, as-built drawings may be required upon completion of construction. The town shall not be liable for damages caused to utilities installed at a depth of less than 36 inches.
   (B)   In the event a public utility line within the roadway prism becomes exposed or prevents roadway maintenance, the Public Works Supervisor may require that the line be lowered or moved without expense to the town.
   (C)   Pursuant to A.R.S. Title 9, Chapter 5, Articles 1.1 and 4, the requirements in this subchapter supersede the provisions of any utility franchise.
(Ord. 08-45, passed 10-21-2008)