(A)   No Encroachment within a publicly maintained road is allowed without a written permit from the Public Works Supervisor, except by authorized town employees, contractors acting under a town contract, and new subdivision improvements for which the town holds financial assurances. No permittee shall violate the terms and conditions of a permit without written authorization from the Public Works Supervisor, and only when allowed by the provisions of this subchapter.
   (B)   No vehicle shall be operated or any other activity conducted on any concrete or asphaltic concrete surface in a fashion which damages the road surface or base without a permit from the Public Works Supervisor unless the use is specifically authorized by law.
   (C)   No vehicle in excess of the A.D.O.T. limits for weight, length, width and height shall travel on a public road without a permit from A.D.O.T. No vehicle in excess of seven-ton capacity shall travel on a publicly maintained road without a permit from the Public Works Supervisor.
   (D)   The Public Works Supervisor is authorized and instructed to prepare specifications, application forms, and permit forms detailing the conditions and restrictions under which the encroachment is allowed, which will include at least the following:
      (1)   Culvert requirements;
      (2)   Paving requirements on and in the vicinity of driveways;
      (3)   Limitations on driveway access to arterial, major collector, and minor collector streets; and
      (4)   Limitations on the number of driveways that may be created when parcels are divided.
   (E)   Any permit issued is revocable at will, should it be necessary to protect the public safety or to allow road expansion.
   (F)   The Public Works Supervisor is authorized and directed to charge a permit fee in an amount authorized by the Town Council. The fee shall be specified on the permit. No utility franchised by the county under A.R.S. Title 9, Chapter 5, Articles 1.1 and 4, which pays a franchise fee based on gross sales as agreed to by the Town Council, shall be required to pay a permit fee.
   (G)   Emergency encroachments, including excavation for public utility repairs necessary to protect the public safety, are allowed without a permit provided a permit is applied for the next working day, all traffic control and safety devices necessary are used, and final repairs are not performed until authorized by the Public Works Supervisor.
   (H)   In the event an obstruction of a publicly maintained road occurs within the roadway prism without a permit so as to cause an immediate public hazard, the town may remove the obstruction and seek reimbursements of the costs involved from the responsible person(s). In all other cases, the provisions of A.R.S. § 28-7054 apply.
(Ord. 08-45, passed 10-21-2008)