For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUILDING. Any building, dwelling unit, rooming house, rooming unit, tent, trailer, recreational vehicle, camping site or other structure or place occupied either temporarily or permanently by human beings.
   DISORDERLY ACTIVITIES. Situations created within or in the immediate vicinity of a building by a building’s owner, occupants or tenants, or the invitees of an owner, tenant or occupant, which would have a tendency to disturb unreasonably the community, the neighborhood or an ordinary individual occupying property in or near the disorderly activity, including, but not limited to, loud music, boisterous parties, excessively loud or unnecessary noises emanating from within or near the building which are audible outside the building, fights within the building or in its vicinity involving occupants of the building or their invitees, occupants of the building or their invitees being intoxicated outdoors in the vicinity of the building, and other similar activities in the building or in the vicinity of the building.
   DISORDERLY EVENT. An activity to which the Police Department responds on the basis of a complaint and determines to be disorderly.
   DISORDERLY HOUSE. Any building at which the Police Department has substantiated three disorderly events within the period of 60 days.
(Ord. 2685, passed 3-15-2018)