Upon issuance of a permit as set forth in this subchapter, the permit holder agrees to comply with the following requirements.
   (A)   Any dumpster for which a permit is issued as set forth in this subchapter shall bear reflectorized or illuminated marking in order to provide adequate warning of the placement of such dumpster to pedestrians and motorists. If the dumpster does not bear these markings, then orange safety cones are to be placed on the front and rear traffic sides.
   (B)   Any dumpster placed on village streets will be removed within seven calendar days from the date of placement unless approval is granted in writing from the Mayor’s office.
   (C)   If at any time there is damage caused by the dumpster to any village property, the permit holder will be held responsible for the damages and be given notification as to the costs of repairs to the village’s property.
   (D)   After any dumpster is filled to capacity, the same shall be emptied or caused to be emptied or removed within three calendar days thereof.
   (E)   During any time, the permit holder agrees to prevent any items or debris from leaving the dumpster due to foul weather, high winds and the like, if need be, to place a tarp coverage over same to help prevent the items from being upon other persons property and or village streets.
(Ord. 2787, passed 7-15-2021)