The proceeds from the sale of any bonds hereunder shall be applied to the payment of the following items:
   A.   The full acquisition cost and expenses of any project acquired hereunder.
   B.   All costs and expenses involved in and connected with the acquisition, including expenses of acquiring, altering and constructing buildings and other necessary facilities, machinery and equipment.
   C.   All costs and expenses involved in moving, relocating, reorganizing and/or organizing the business or businesses, to or in the city, or within fifteen (15) miles thereof, said moving expenses to include all costs connected with the actual moving plus the cost of planning, preparing, and arranging for the relocation in the city, or within fifteen (15) miles thereof, and all other expenses incidental to actually moving, reorganizing, relocating or organizing and transplanting from site where purchased to the city, a full and complete operating complement of the business or businesses purchased and acquired hereunder.
   D.   All other items of expense which might be incurred by the city bond purchasers and the company, including fees of consultants, engineers, auditors, brokers, and attorneys in connection with the locating, investigating and acquisition of the business or businesses, the cost of the bond issue, and any court actions that may be necessary.
   E.   The principal of the bonds to be issued hereunder may include interest on the bonds for the period necessary to complete acquisition of the project to finance which said bonds are issued.
   F.   The actual cost of the extension and installation of any utility to the project site. (Ord. 310, 5-2-1960)