A.   Filing Of Application: It shall be unlawful for any person to hereafter install any WECS within the city without first filing an application for such installation and complying with the regulations pertaining to such unit hereinafter set forth.
   B.   Contents: Prior to the installation of any WECS unit, an application shall be filed with the building inspector of the city on a form approved by the city. Such application shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      1.   A copy of the windplant manufacturer's claim as to survival windspeed.
      2.   A copy of the windplant manufacturer's warranty.
      3.   A copy of the tower manufacturer's survival windspeed claim.
      4.   A copy of the tower manufacturer's warranty.
      5.   A copy of the installing dealer's service warranty.
      6.   A copy of the manufacturer's operation and service manual.
   C.   Plans And Specifications: In addition to the above information, any applicant for a permit to install a WECS unit shall submit to the building inspector written plans and specifications showing evidence of compliance with the following regulations:
      1.   A WECS unit shall be set back from the property line of the applicant the height of the tower plus the rotor length, unless a variance is granted pursuant to the zoning ordinances of the city.
      2.   A WECS unit shall be set back the height of the tower plus the rotor length from overhead power lines located below the height of the tower.
      3.   That the WECS unit is not mounted on any rooftop or attached to any existing structure other than a freestanding tower properly engineered for the system.
      4.   The tower climbing apparatus shall be no lower than twelve feet (12') from the ground or an anti-climb device shall be installed from ground level up to a minimum of ten feet (10'), or a fence six feet (6') high with a locking gate shall be placed around the tower base, and, that any guide wires are adequately protected from any accidental damage or vandalism.
      5.   That the WECS system shall not cause interference with radio, TV, microwave or any other communication and electronic equipment within the vicinity of the unit.
      6.   That the tower support base of a WECS unit is five (5) rotor distances from the tower support base of any other WECS unit.
      7.   That the WECS unit shall be installed by a licensed and authorized WECS dealer.
      8.   That, if the WECS unit is to be interconnected to a utility system, that it will meet the requirements for interconnection and operation as set forth in the electric utilities' current service regulations applicable to small power producing qualifying facilities, and complies with all applicable building codes.
      9.   That the noise generated by the WECS unit shall conform to any existing noise control ordinances or shall be no more than the background noise in the area.
      10.   That the tower construction of a WECS unit within the vicinity of the airport is in accordance with FAA regulations. (Ord. 691, 1-11-1982)