924.04 FEES.
   (a)   Purpose. It is the purpose of this section to provide for the payment of fees from dischargers to the City's POTW, to compensate the City for the cost of the pretreatment program established herein.
   (b)   Charges and Fees. The following fees and charges are adopted to compensate the City for the cost of administration of the pretreatment program and are in addition to fees and charges established in Chapters 921 and 923 and are in addition to any administrative fines assessed or penalties incurred. These fees and charges shall be added to the person's sewer service charge and the Director shall have such collection remedies as provided to collect other service charges.
Review and analysis of each accidental or unauthorized discharge incident and associated investigation:

Review and analysis of exceedance of each numerical limit (established in local limits or industrial user permit) for each day or portion thereof and associated investigation and monitoring:

Review and analysis of each incident of noncompliance with other requirements established in Chapter’s 921, 923 and 924:

Review and analysis of upset defense claimed, per day:
Review of plans for the construction of new facilities relating to this chapter:

Fee for filing an appeal:
Fee for permit application:
Fee for sampling and laboratory analysis, monthly, for months in which industrial facility is sampled by POTW personnel:

(Ord. 2008-55. Passed 10-14-08.)