(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to authorize the sale of curbside recycling totes to the general public, is to establish a maximum fee charged per tote, is to establish the manner in which totes shall be sold, and is to establish the fund in which sale proceeds shall be deposited.
   (B)   Authorization to sell. The Sanitation Department is authorized to sell curbside recycling totes and is hereby directed to maintain appropriate records regarding such sales in such manner as required by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.
   (C)   Maximum price. The price per tote charged by the city shall not exceed $16.00 plus Indiana sales tax. Once a final price has been established, such price shall be published on the city's web site and shall be conspicuously posted at the location where totes are sold. Payment by cash or check shall be required at the time of purchase. Residents shall be responsible for picking up each tote purchased. Purchases shall be limited to three totes per household. Totes shall be available for purchase and pickup at the Sanitation Department office located at 809 W. Elm St., Decatur, Indiana during normal business hours. Totes shall be offered for sale to residents on a first come, first serve basis.
   (D)   Depository of sale proceeds. All proceeds from the sale of curbside recycling Totes shall be delivered to the City Clerk Treasurer who shall deposit such proceeds, into the City's General Fund. Sales tax collected by the City shall be deposited into a designated account and paid by the Clerk Treasurer to the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) in a manner and at such times as required by IDOR.
(Ord. 2016-11, passed 8-16-2016)