(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish a fee for production of a copy of a combined or merged audio and/or video copy of a recorded meeting of the Common Council, or such other municipal board or commission meetings, if recorded.
   (B)   Copy fee. The city shall charge a fee of $25 for each copy of a combined or merged audio and/or video recording of a meeting recorded by the city as requested by an individual or organization. The fee must be paid into the office of the Clerk-Treasurer before the city has an obligation to honor such request. The fee shall be paid in U.S. dollars by cash, check or money order. Credit or debit payment shall also be allowed if such means of payment is available through such office. All fees collected shall be receipted into the city’s General Fund.
   (C)   Format of copy. The recorded copy purchased shall be in digital format on a hard disk drive containing a combined or merged audio and/or video recording of the meeting.
   (D)   Request for a copy of a recording. All requests for a copy of a recorded meeting, whether for a combined or merged audio copy or a combined or merged audio and video copy, shall be made in writing and submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer in person, by e-mail or regular U.S. mail. The request must include the name, address, phone number and email address of the requesting party and the particular meeting and date of the meeting for which a recording is being requested, as well as whether only an audio copy is being requested or whether an audio and video copy is being requested. Upon payment of the copy fee, the city shall have a reasonable amount of time to produce the copy requested, not to exceed two weeks. Once the copy has been produced by the city and is available at the Clerk-Treasurer office, the Clerk-Treasurer or his or her deputy shall notify the requesting party by email of such availability. Such copy may be picked up in person by the requesting party at the Clerk-Treasurer office. If the requesting party desires that the copy be delivered by mail, the requesting party shall be responsible for providing a self addressed, postage prepaid, envelope sufficiently sized to allow for a hard disk to be mailed to the requesting party.
   (E)   Refund policy. Once the copy fee has been paid to the city, such payment is non-refundable, unless due to technical difficulties the audio and/or video feeds of a meeting did not properly record or audio and/or video recordings cannot be properly combined or merged. In such case, the requesting party shall be so notified by the Clerk-Treasurer office and a full refund shall be mailed to the requesting party within two weeks of such notification.
(Ord. 2015-4, passed 3-17-2015)