(A)   A subdivision shall comply substantially with the master plan and the zoning ordinance of the city, with particular respect to street right-of-way, utility easements and public open space.
   (B)   A subdivision shall be designed so as to avoid casting an undue burden on the street system, storm drainage system or other municipal facilities, utilities and services on or adjacent to the tract.
   (C)   A proposed subdivision shall be designed so as to be coordinated with adjoining subdivisions with respect to alignment of streets and utility and drainage easement rights-of-way and reservation of open space.
   (D)   Subdivision design and layout shall give consideration to the preservation of wooded areas, streams, unusually attractive topography and other desirable natural landscaped features.
(Prior Code, § 154.90) (Ord. 1978-6, passed 4-4-1978)