§ 154.050 INFORMATION.
   Every sketch plan shall be legibly drawn and shall contain the following information:
   (A)   Adequate information to readily determine the location of the proposed subdivision including property boundaries, true north, a site sketch and indication of scale; (Scale should be one inch equals 50 feet to a maximum of one inch equals 200 feet.)
   (B)   Significant natural and human-made features on the site and the vicinity including existing topographic contours at five-foot intervals drawn from available data such as the United States Geological Survey (USGS) maps;
   (C)   The approximate number of lots, lot size, layout and acreage of the proposed subdivision;
   (D)   Zoning of the property and the contemplated use of the property as it pertains to the zoning;
   (E)   The name, address and phone number of the owner and developer of the property;
   (F)   Any further information that the applicant feels would be vital to the proposed division of property; and
   (G)   Relevant site characteristics and analysis applicable to the proposed subdivision including the following, which shall be submitted by the subdivider with the sketch plan:
      (1)   Reports concerning streams, lakes, topography and vegetation;
      (2)   Reports concerning geologic characteristics of the area significantly affecting the land use and determining the impact of such characteristics on the proposed subdivision; and
      (3)   Maps and tables concerning suitability of types of soil in the proposed subdivision, in accordance with the national cooperative soil survey.
(Prior Code, § 154.30) (Ord. 1978-6, passed 4-4-1978)