(A)   Commencing 11-1-2009, the city shall classify residences and commercial customers by the following user codes and shall charge a monthly rate to such users for sanitation services provided by the city as follows:
User Code
Monthly Rate
SA1 Residential and churches
SA2 Residential outside city
SA3 Apartment buildings and complexes
SA4 Daycare services
SA5 Schools and the County Jail
$135 (does not included Bellmont High or Middle Schools)
SA6 Mobile home court
SA7 Bi-county services
   Trailers at $12/trailer (adjusted semi-annually)
   (B)   The monthly rate charged to residences and commercial customers shall be invoiced monthly and included on the customer’s water and sewage billing statement. If a customer does not receive a water and sewage bill, a separate invoice shall be sent.
   (C)   (1)   The monthly rates levied pursuant to division (A) above and assessed to city residences in User Code SA1 and to the mobile home court in User Code SA6 are mandatory, regardless of the extent a customer makes use of sanitation services offered by the city.
      (2)   All other commercial customers identified in division (A) above shall have the option to pay the city the monthly rate levied and assessed in order to take advantage of the sanitation services made available by the city, or such commercial customers may elect to contract with a private contractor for sanitation services in lieu thereof.
   (D)   Charges for sanitation services levied pursuant to division (A) above shall be due and payable on or before the due dates shown on the bills. Any invoice not paid by the due date (approximately 15 days after the bill is rendered) shall be considered delinquent and a delinquent charge of 10% of the amount due shall be added to the amount due. Delinquent charges together with costs and other expenses of collection may be collected by any lawful remedy, including where applicable, the placing of and foreclosure of liens on real estate as provide by law.
   (E)   The city reserves the right to hereafter modify sanitation services offered by the city; hereby reserves the right to expand or eliminate customers covered under user codes set forth in division (A) above; and hereby reserves the right to amend the monthly rate levied and assessed for sanitation services provided. No such modification or amendment shall occur unless by ordinance duly adopted by Common Council and published as required by law.
(Ord. 2009-11, passed 10-6-2009)