(A)   The City Civil Engineer, in making out the proper numbers of the houses, shall be governed by the initial or starting point which shall be Madison Street and First and High Streets, respectively, allowing 100 numbers for each square, with an even number at the commencement of each square as aforesaid, and in all respects adhering to the decimal system of enumeration. Also, in all streets running in opposite direction, but which do not extend to the initial points, the same order of enumeration shall be observed as though such streets did actually extend to such points. In such parts of the city as may be impracticable to actually follow this system, the City Civil Engineer shall arrange the numbering as nearly in accordance therewith as possible.
   (B)   The City Civil Engineer is required to have the different lots and blocks herein required to be numbered in the proper spaces and to fix to each of the spaces the proper number and to enter into a suitable record to be prepared by him or her and kept in his or her office, a distinct memorandum of such spaces of the corresponding numbers. At all reasonable hours when requested to do so, the Engineer shall permit such information to be inspected and copies to be taken therefrom and he or she shall furnish information as to the proper number to represent any building or piece of ground, whether or not required to be numbered by Council.
(Prior Code, § 152.03)