A planned unit development may include variations in lot area, lot width, yard and building height requirements, and off-street parking provisions; provided, the following features exist:
   (A)   The tract or parcel of land involved is either in one ownership or the subject of an application filed jointly by the owners of all property included;
   (B)   The development includes open space for the mutual benefit of the entire tract;
   (C)   The project is designed to provide a variety and diversity of uses, or the tract or parcel of land is of a unique character either in size or location;
   (D)   The project is in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood; and
   (E)   The total density of the planned unit development does not exceed by more than 33% the normal requirements of the zoning district allowing similar uses.
(Prior Code, § 150.162)  (Ord. 2001-12, passed 3-20-2001)