§ 150.150  USES PERMITTED.
   A roadside commercial use is one which normally requires drive-in facilities related to a street or highway, and is primarily of a retail or service nature specifically stated but not limited to the following categories of use:
   (A)   Automobile service, including:
      (1)   Filling station;
      (2)   Public garage, but not including major repair or body work;
      (3)   Public parking area;
      (4)   Sales room;
      (5)   Open sales lot;
      (6)   Automobile, truck or trailer rental and sales area; and
      (7)   Automobile and truck repair, entirely within enclosed buildings.
   (B)   Commercial service, including:
      (1)   Bank;
      (2)   Office building; and
      (3)   Postal station.
   (C)   Clothing service, including:
      (1)   Laundry agency;
      (2)   Self-service laundry; and
      (3)   Dry-cleaning establishment using not more than two clothes-cleaning units, neither of which shall have a rated capacity of more than 60 pounds, using cleaning fluid which is non-explosive and non- flammable.
   (D)   Equipment service, including:
      (1)   Radio or television repair shop;
      (2)   Electric appliance repair shop; and
      (3)   Record shop.
   (E)   Food service, including:
      (1)   Grocery;
      (2)   Meat market;
      (3)   Supermarket;
      (4)   Restaurant;
      (5)   Delicatessen;
      (6)   Cold storage lockers;
      (7)   Bakery; provided, floor area used for production shall not exceed 750 square feet; and
      (8)   Roadside sales stand.
   (F)   Personal service, including:
      (1)   Barber shop;
      (2)   Beauty shop;
      (3)   Reducing salon; and
      (4)   Photographic studio.
   (G)   Retail service, retail stores generally, including:
      (1)   Drugstore;
      (2)   Hardware or paint store;
      (3)   Stationer;
      (4)   News dealer;
      (5)   Showroom and sales area for articles to be sold at retail;
      (6)   Commercial greenhouse not exceeding 1,000 square feet in area;
      (7)   Apparel shop;
      (8)   Flower shop;
      (9)   Antique shop;
      (10)   Shoe store;
      (11)   Variety store;
      (12)   Toy store;
      (13)   Jewelry store;
      (14)   Sporting goods store; and
      (15)   Department store.
   (H)   Commercial recreational uses, including:
      (1)   Billiard room;
      (2)   Dancing academy;
      (3)   Tavern or nightclub, only in conformity with requirements of laws or ordinances governing the use;
      (4)   Sporting activities;
      (5)   Indoor theater; and
      (6)   Bowling alley or roller rink, entirely within enclosed buildings.
   (I)   Private club or lodge;
   (J)   Motel/hotel;
   (K)   Other:
      (1)   Veterinary hospital for small animals;
      (2)   Kennel;
      (3)   Radio and television studios;
      (4)   Newspaper publishing; and
      (5)   Motor bus or railroad passenger station.
   (L)   Accessory building or use customarily incident to the above uses which may not have more than 40% of its floor area devoted to storage purposes; and, provided that, not more than five persons are employed at one time or on any one shift in connection with the incidental use.
(Prior Code, § 150.100)  (Ord. 1978-4, passed 3-21-1978)