§ 50.01 GENERAL.
   (A)   It is the basic position of the city that public works facilities and improvements, hereinafter defined as streets, curbs, alleys, walks, street lights, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water lines, shall be constructed for the convenience of the properties that said public works facilities serve. Furthermore, that the cost of constructing said public works facilities shall be the primary responsibility of those properties receiving the benefit from such facilities and such facilities shall be constructed according to city specifications. It is not the policy of the city to provide these public works facilities for any property or at any location at no cost to the properties receiving the benefit from said facilities.
(Prior Code, § 49.01)
   (B)   A developer or owner shall be responsible for obtaining all required permits and approvals related to the design and construction of public works facilities and improvements. No such facilities or improvements shall be deemed transferred to the city until such time as the facilities and improvements have been constructed, dedicated to the city and accepted by the city. In addition, no such facilities and improvements may be constructed within the city’s rights-of-way or easements without the prior written approval of the city.
(Amended 11-25-2008)