§ 150.130  USES PERMITTED.
   A general commercial use including accessory buildings and uses includes the uses, specifically stated but not limited to the following categories of use:
   (A)   Automobile service, including:
      (1)   Filling station;
      (2)   Public garage, but not including major repair or body work;
      (3)   Public parking area;
      (4)   Sales room;
      (5)   Open sales lot;
      (6)   Automobile, truck or trailer rental and sales area; and
      (7)   Automobile and truck repair, entirely within enclosed buildings.
   (B)   Commercial service, including:
      (1)   Bank;
      (2)   Office building;
      (3)   Postal station;
      (4)   Telegraph office; and
      (5)   Utility company commercial office.
   (C)   Clothing service, including:
      (1)   Laundry agency;
      (2)   Self-service laundry;
      (3)   Dry-cleaning establishment using not more than two clothes-cleaning units, neither of which shall have a rated capacity of more than 60 pounds, using cleaning fluid which is non-explosive and non- flammable;
      (4)   Dressmaking;
      (5)   Millinery;
      (6)   Tailor and pressing shop; and
      (7)   Shoe repair shop.
   (D)   Equipment service, including:
      (1)   Radio or television repair shop;
      (2)   Electric appliance repair shop; and
      (3)   Record shop.
   (E)   Food service, including:
      (1)   Grocery;
      (2)   Meat market;
      (3)   Supermarket;
      (4)   Restaurant;
      (5)   Delicatessen;
      (6)   Cold storage lockers;
      (7)   Bakery; provided, floor area used for production shall not exceed 750 square feet; and
      (8)   Roadside sales stand.
   (F)   Personal service, including:
      (1)   Barber shop;
      (2)   Beauty shop;
      (3)   Reducing salon; and
      (4)   Photographic studio.
   (G)   Retail service, retail stores generally, including:
      (1)   Drugstore;
      (2)   Hardware or paint store;
      (3)   Stationer;
      (4)   News dealer;
      (5)   Show room and sales area for articles to be sold at retail;
      (6)   Commercial greenhouse not exceeding 1,000 square feet in area;
      (7)   Apparel shop;
      (8)   Flower shop;
      (9)   Antique shop;
      (10)   Shoe store;
      (11)   Variety store;
      (12)   Toy store;
      (13)   Jewelry store;
      (14)   Sporting goods store; and
      (15)   Department store.
   (H)   Commercial recreational uses, including:
      (1)   Billiard room;
      (2)   Dancing academy;
      (3)   Tavern or nightclub, only in conformity with requirements of laws or ordinances governing such use;
      (4)   Sporting activities;
      (5)   Indoor theater; and
      (6)   Bowling alley or roller rink, entirely with enclosed buildings.
   (I)   Private club or lodge;
   (J)   Motel/hotel;
   (K)   Other:
      (1)   Veterinary hospital for small animals;
      (2)   Kennel;
      (3)   Radio and television studios;
      (4)   Newspaper publishing;
      (5)   Motor bus or railroad passenger station;
      (6)   Storage warehouse;
      (7)   Wholesale establishment; and
      (8)   Any commercial use not specifically stated or implied elsewhere in the chapter.
   (L)   Accessory building or use customarily incident to the above uses which may not have more than 40% of its floor area devoted to storage purposes; and, provided that, not more than five persons are employed at one time or on any shift in connection with such incidental use.
(Prior Code, § 150.90)  (Ord. 1978-4, passed 3-21-1978)