The territory within the jurisdiction of the City Plan Commission is classified and divided into 12 districts designated as follows:
   (A)   RS, Suburban Residence District;
   (B)   R-1, Residence (Low Density) District;
   (C)   R-2, Residence (Medium Density) District;
   (D)   R-H, Homestead Residence District;
   (E)   C-1, Local Commercial District;
   (F)   C-2, General Commercial District;
   (G)   C-3, Roadside Commercial District;
   (H)   I-1, Industrial District;
   (I)   I-2, Industrial Expansion District;
   (J)   A, Agricultural District;
   (K)   FH, Flood Hazard Districts;
   (L)   FW, Floodway District;
   (M)   FF, Floodway Fringe District; and
   (N)   PUD, Planned Unit Development District.
(Prior Code, § 150.03)  (Ord. 1978-4, passed 3-21-1978; Ord. 1981-5, passed 6-16-1981)