(A)   All off-street parking areas and premises entries of the sexually oriented business shall be illuminated from dusk to closing hours of operation with a lighting system which provides an average maintained horizontal illumination of one foot-candle of light on the parking surface and walkways. This required lighting level is established in order to provide sufficient illumination of the parking areas and walkways serving the sexually oriented business for the personal safety of patrons and employees and to reduce the incidence of vandalism and criminal conduct. The lighting shall be shown on the required sketch or diagram of the premises.
   (B)   All signage and displays visible from the outside of sexually oriented business shall not include any photographs, silhouettes, drawings or pictorial representations of nudity, semi-nudity or sexual activity. All signs shall be flat wall or freestanding signs. No signs shall be located on the roof, or contain any flashing lights, moving elements or electronically or mechanically changing messages. No sign shall be over 32 square feet. A sexually oriented business may have only one electrically lit sign attached to the front of the place of business. No window signs or displays are allowed. A sexually oriented business shall place a two-foot square sign on each entrance door stating hours of operation and admittance to adults only. These signage regulations are to protect children from exposure to sexually oriented signs and materials and to preserve the value of property near sexually oriented businesses.
   (C)   Nothing contained in this section shall relieve the operators of a sexually oriented business from complying with the requirements of the city in this chapter, commonly known as the “Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance”, as it may be amended from time to time, or any subsequently enacted city ordinance or regulations.
(Ord. 2012-2, passed 4-3-2012)  Penalty, see § 111.99