(A)   In all instances where a police officer of the city prepares a written accident report, pursuant to I.C. 9-3-1-3, any applicant requesting a photocopy of the report shall pay, to the city, a fee of $8 for each report, which shall be collected by the Police Department.
   (B)   The Police Department shall issue a receipt for each fee collected.
   (C)   Each fee collected shall be deposited in a separate account known as the “Accident Report Account”.
   (D)   Pursuant to I.C. 9-3-1-3, the funds so deposited may be expended at the discretion of the Chief of Police for any department purpose reasonably related to the keeping of accident reports and records or the prevention of street and highway accidents.
(Prior Code, § 34.40)  (Ord. 1988-10, passed 5-17-1988)  (Amended 7-29-2008)