General Provisions
   33.001   Accident report account
   33.002   Warrants drawn on city treasury
   33.003   Employee credit cards
   33.004   Payment of claims in advance of allowance
   33.005   Video service franchise fee
   33.006   Bond amounts for certain officers, employees and contractors
Purchasing Policies
   33.015   Purpose
   33.016   Purchasing agencies
   33.017   Purchasing agents
   33.018   Policy
   33.019   Rules for purchases under $150,000
   33.020   Rules for purchases of $150,000 or more
   33.021   Statutory reference
   33.022   Effective date
Fire Vehicle Non-Reverting Fund
   33.035   Establishment
   33.036   Source of moneys
   33.037   Expenditures
Public Employees’ Retirement Fund
   33.050   City’s election to participate
   33.051   City’s contribution
   33.052   Employees covered
   33.053   Positions not covered
   33.054   Beginning date for participation
   33.055   Effective date
Cumulative Capital Development Fund
   33.070   Establishment
   33.071   Ad valorem property tax levy
   33.072   Use of funds
   33.073   Effect of Fund
Police Equipment and Training Fund
   33.085   Fee received for vehicle inspection; receipt issued
   33.086   Fee remitted to Clerk-Treasurer
   33.087   Fund established
   33.088   Use of funds; Chief of Police and Council to approve disbursements
Local Option Income Tax Public Safety Fund
   33.100   Established
General Fund
   33.110   Uses of the General Fund to promote economic development and tourism
LOIT Special Distribution Fund
   33.120   Established
Fire Department Non-Reverting Operating Fund
   33.130   Established
Train Depot and Ancillary Railroad Structures Non-Reverting Operating Fund
   33.140   Established
Fire Department Non-Reverting Baby Box Operating Fund
   33.150   Established