§ 72.20  EQUIPMENT.
   (A)   Unless otherwise exempted herein, all golf carts shall be equipped with the following minimum safety equipment in order to be registered and operated on city streets:
      (1)   Factory seating for all occupants;
      (2)   Rear view mirror;
      (3)   Head lights;
      (4)   Tail lights;
      (5)   Brake lights;
      (6)   Turn signals (front and back);
      (7)   Windshield; and
      (8)   “Slow moving vehicle” sign attached to the rear of the golf cart.
   (B)   All safety equipment shall be maintained in good operating order. Lights shall be used when time of day or weather conditions necessitate such use in order for the golf cart to be visible from a distance of at least 500 feet. Failure to equip, maintain and use such equipment as required herein shall constitute a violation of this section.
(Ord. 2009-6, passed 7-21-2009)  Penalty, see § 72.99