§ 71.03  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following shall be exempted from the provisions of this chapter:
   (A)   A sound emitted from sirens of authorized emergency vehicles;
   (B)   Lawn mowers, garden tractors and similar home power tools properly muffled;
   (C)   Burglar alarms or other warning devices when properly installed on motor vehicles;
   (D)   Celebrations on Halloween and legal holidays;
   (E)   Permitted parades or festivals;
   (F)   Attendant noise connected with the actual performance of athletic or sporting events;
   (G)   The emission of sound for the purposes of alerting persons to the existence of an emergency or for the performance of emergency work; and/or
   (H)   If a noise is the result of a defect of a defective or modified exhaust system if the cause is repaired or otherwise remedied within seven calendar days.
(Prior Code, § 84.3)