17.04.210: STREET ACCESS:
   A.   No lot shall be developed without proper access to a public street. Should such street not be improved, it shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property being developed to improve the street to City standards as delineated in the Deary Subdivision Code and such other standards as may be set by the City.
A private road will be allowed for access under the following conditions:
      1.   Must have a recorded, permanent perpetual easement and a recorded maintenance agreement signed by all those served.
      2.   Must exist entirely upon private property and not make use of public right-of-way.
      3.   Must be constructed with six inch (6") gravel base and leveling course, graded and compacted with a twelve foot (12') wide all-weather driving surface.
      4.   Must be constructed with a turnaround of sixty feet (60') for emergency equipment if longer than one hundred fifty feet (150').
      5.   Must be extended to within one hundred fifty feet (150') of the most distant corner of all inhabited buildings. (Ord. 311 § 1, 1999)