A.   Purpose; Permitted Uses: The purpose of the M-1 Zone is to have land area set aside by zoning procedures and in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan to preserve and enhance single-family living and multi-family living areas. The following designated uses shall be permitted:
Churches or parish halls.
Duplex units.
Home occupations meeting requirements of subsection 17.04.170A11 of this chapter.
Single-family dwellings, including manufactured homes under conditions required in title 15 of this Code.
   B.   Uses Requiring Conditional Use Permits: The City may, after notice and public hearing, permit the following uses where such uses are deemed essential or desirable to the public convenience or welfare. The City shall have the authority to impose such conditions and safeguards, as it deems necessary to protect the best interests of the surrounding property or neighborhood from damage, hazard, nuisance or other detriment.
Daycare facilities.
Farm animals, one animal unit per full acre, if deemed appropriate by the City Council, when maintained in buildings or enclosures.
More than one permanent residence on a platted or recorded lot.
Multi-family dwellings of more than two (2) units.
Public facilities such as schools, City infrastructure, parks and playgrounds, utility facilities.
Temporary housing for the purposes of residence while a home is being constructed, not to exceed one year.
Any other uses not specifically mentioned but of a significantly similar nature may be considered for a conditional use application after review and approval of the City.
   C.   Building Standards: In this zone, no building or premises shall be hereafter erected or altered (unless otherwise provided in this chapter) except for one or more of the designated or permitted uses in accordance with the following standards:
      1.   Water And Sewer: All uses in an M-1 Zone shall be dependent on the City water supply and sewer system.
      2.   Lot Size: The lot for one dwelling unit for uses in an M-1 Zone shall not be less than seven thousand (7,000) square feet. An additional three thousand five hundred (3,500) square feet is required for each additional attached dwelling unit.
      3.   Front Yard: No building shall be constructed nearer than fifteen feet (15') from the front lot line.
      4.   Rear Yard: No dwelling shall be constructed nearer than ten feet (10') from the rear lot line except that when a lot line is adjacent to an alley no dwelling shall be constructed nearer than fifteen feet (15') from such lot line.
      5.   Side Yard: No building shall be erected closer than ten feet (10') to any side property line, except corner lots or alleys shall maintain a fifteen foot (15') side yard adjacent to the street which intersects the street upon which the building fronts.
      6.   Clear View Of Intersecting Streets: In all zones, which require a front yard, no obstruction to view in excess of three feet (3') in height, or under ten feet (10') in height shall be placed on any corner lot within triangular area, from the street property line.
      7.   Sewage Disposal: All domestic and commercial uses must connect to City sewer when feasible.
      8.   Well Water: Well water for domestic use to be drilled and supplied only by the City.
      9.   Street Access: No lot shall be developed without access to a public street or road, built to such construction standard as set by the City. Should such street or road not be built to City standards, it shall be the responsibility of the property owner whose property is being developed to improve the street to City standards prior to building permits being issued. (Ord. 385, 2019: Ord. 374, 2016: Ord. 325 §§ 7, 8, 9, 2003: Ord. 311 § 1, 1999)