A.   Purpose; Permitted Uses: The purpose of this Transitional Agricultural Zone or District is to provide for and protect residential lands, conveniently located, in relation to urban centers, of substantial size for families who desire a single- family residential environment in an area transitionary from agricultural uses and to provide for gardening and family recreation opportunities, the keeping of a limited number of livestock and poultry and similar endeavors. The minimum lot size and building locations in this zone must be such that water and sewer facilities and the place and locations for them can be easily provided on an individual basis on each lot, without affecting surrounding properties adversely. The following designated uses shall be permitted:
Accessory uses to the agricultural or residential use.
Animals, one farm animal unit per acre.
Home occupations meeting the requirements of subsection 17.04.170A11 of this chapter.
Single-family dwelling as regulated in the R-1 Zone with the exception that the minimum lot size for such use shall be one acre.
   B.   Uses Requiring Conditional Use Permits: The Planning and Zoning Commission may, after notice and public hearing, permit the following uses where such uses are deemed essential or desirable to the public convenience or welfare. The commission shall have the authority to impose such conditions and safeguards, as it deems necessary to protect the best interests of the surrounding property or neighborhood from damage, hazard, nuisance or other detriment:
Athletic fields.
Indoor recreational facility.
Livestock confinement operations.
Private amusement park, ballpark, racetrack, or similar uses.
Swimming pools (commercial and public).
Any other uses not specifically mentioned but of a significantly similar nature may be considered for a conditional use application after review and approval of the City.
   C.   Building Standards: In this zone, no building or premises shall be hereafter erected or altered (unless otherwise provided in this chapter) except for one or more of the designated or permitted uses in accordance with the following standards:
      1.   Lot Size: The lot per dwelling units shall not be less than one acre.
      2.   Front Yard: No building shall be constructed nearer than thirty feet (30') from the front lot line.
      3.   Rear Yard: No dwelling shall be constructed nearer than fifteen feet (15') from the rear lot line.
      4.   Side Yard: No building shall be erected closer than fifteen feet (15') to any side property line, except corner lots shall maintain a thirty foot (30') side yard adjacent to the street which intersects the street upon which the building fronts.
      5.   Clear View Of Intersecting Streets: In all zones which require a front yard, no obstruction to view in excess of three feet (3') in height or under ten feet (10') in height shall be placed on any corner lot within triangular area, from the street property line. (Ord. 374, 2016: Ord. 311 § 1, 1999)