A.   Use Districts Established: For the purposes of this chapter the City is hereby divided into use districts as hereinafter provided:
      1.   TA Transitional Agricultural Zone.
      2.   R-1 Residential Zone.
      3.   M-1 Multi-Family Zone.
      4.   M-2 Multi-Family Zone (including manufactured home parks).
      5.   C Commercial Zone.
      6.   I Industrial Zone.
      7.   CC Areas of Critical Concern.
      8.   FP Floodplain Overlay Zone.
   B.   Maps And Boundaries: The boundaries of the use districts are hereby established as shown on a map entitled the Zoning Map of the City of Deary and the legal description of all zones. Said Map and legal descriptions are attached hereto and incorporated herein and designated as section 17.04.270, exhibit 1 of this chapter.
   C.   District Boundaries: As much as possible zoning district boundaries shall fall at the back property line so that like uses will be facing each other.
   D.   Zoning Across Lot Lines: If a lot, which was platted or recorded prior to the adoption date hereof, is split by two (2) different zones, the lot shall be considered, in whole, zoned to that use in which a majority of the lot is zoned. (Ord. 311 § 1, 1999)