12.04.010: Definitions
12.04.020: Permit; Required; Filing Of Plans And Specifications
12.04.030: Permit; Issuance
12.04.040: Permit; Deposit Of Fees Required
12.04.050: Permit; Deposit Of Retainer Fee Or Bonds Required
12.04.060: Placing Of Protective Barriers And Signals; Removal Unlawful
12.04.070: Notification Of City Marshal And Fire Department
12.04.080: Permission For Excavating Granted To Licensed Contractors And Bonded Utilities Only
12.04.090: Permittee Responsible For Damages To Existing Installations
12.04.100: Contractor To Repair Excavated Streets Or Sidewalks
12.04.110: Contractor's Responsibility For Inspection
12.04.120: Work To Be Completed On Schedule
12.04.130: Inspection; Notification Of Commissioner; Approval Of Work
12.04.140: Inspection; Disapproval Of Work; Reaccomplished; Reinspection
12.04.150: Correction Of Work; Costs Borne By Permittee
12.04.160: Correction Of Work; By City Upon Failure By Contractor; Charges
12.04.170: Backfilling Specifications
12.04.180: Pipeline Pipes To Be Backfilled And Tamped
12.04.190: Paving Requirements And Costs Liability !2R!