Adopting Ordinance
Ordinance No. 96-661
An Ordinance Adopting and Enacting a New Code for the City of Dearborn; Providing for the Repeal of Certain Ordinances Not Included Therein; Providing a Penalty for the Violation Thereof; Providing for the Manner of Amending Such Code; and Providing When Such Code and This Ordinance Shall Become Effective. 
Section 1. Title. Adoption. 
The Code entitled "Code of Ordinances—City of Dearborn," published by Municipal Code Corporation, consisting of Chapter 1 through Chapter 19, each inclusive, is hereby adopted.
Section 2. Repeal. 
A.   All ordinances of a general and permanent nature enacted on or before December 31, 1990, and not included in the "Code of Ordinances—City of Dearborn," or recognized and continued in force by reference therein, are hereby repealed.
B.   The following ordinances have not been included, recognized, nor continued in force, in the "Code of Ordinances—City of Dearborn":
1.   81-54 Readoption Ordinance
2.   81-62 Radio Interference
3.   81-63 Trailer Camps and Trailers
4.   81-71 An Ordinance to Provide Sewage Disposal to Premises Outside the City Limits (Note: Amendment 85-326 to 81-71 has been included in the Code.)
5.   81-78 Sale of Perishable Food
6.   81-80 Parking Meters
7.   81-93 Swimming Pools
8.   81-107 Local Officers Compensation Commission
9.   81-128 Food Establishments
10.   81-131 Plumbing Code
11.   81-136 Aircraft Noise Ordinance
12.   81-139 Establish an Unemployment Compensation System
C.   The repeal provided for in subsection A above shall not be construed to revive any ordinance or part thereof that has been repealed by a subsequent ordinance that is repealed by this ordinance.
D.   Those ordinances recognized and continued in force are as follows:
1.   93-553 - Zoning Ordinance
2.   All Employee and Retirement Plans
3.   81-112 - Sign Ordinance
4.   85-323 - High Pressure Boiler Code (delete sections 5-311 through 5-429 of proposed Code of Ordinances - City of Dearborn)
5.   85-347 - An Ordinance To Grant A Franchise to Detroit Edison
6.   90-475 - An Ordinance To Provide For The Construction, Installation, And Equipping Of Improvements To The Sewage Disposal Sale Of A Revenue Bond To Pay The Cost Thereof; To Prescribe The Form Of The Bond; To Provide For The Collection Of Revenues From The System Sufficient For The Purpose Of Paying The Costs Of Operation And Maintenance Of The System And To Pay The Principal Of And Interest On The Bond; And To Provide For The Establishment Of Funds And Accounts To Provide For The Segregation And Distribution Of The Revenues; To Provide For The Rights Of The Holders Of The Bond In Enforcement Thereof; And To Provide For Other Matters Relating To The Bond And The System
7.   81-18 - An Ordinance Granting A Franchise To Teleprompter Of Dearborn, Inc. To Construct, Operate And Maintain A Cable Telecommunication System In The City Of Dearborn, Michigan
Section 3. Technical Codes. 
The adoption, inclusion, recognition, or continuation in force by reference in the "Code of Ordinances—City of Dearborn" of technical codes shall include subsequent amendments and/or supplements to said technical codes.
Section 4. Penalty. 
Unless another penalty is expressly provided, every person convicted of a violation of any provision of the "Code of Ordinances—City of Dearborn," or any ordinance, rule, or regulation adopted or issued in pursuance thereof, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed five hundred ($500.00) dollars or by imprisonment in the discretion of the Court. Each act of violation and each day upon which any such violation shall occur shall constitute a separate offense. The penalty provided by this section, unless another penalty is expressly provided, shall apply to the amendment of any Code section whether or not such penalty is reenacted in the amendatory ordinance. In addition to the penalty prescribed above, the City of Dearborn may pursue other remedies such as: abatement of nuisances, injunctive relief, revocation of licenses or permits.
Section 5. Additions or Amendments to the Code. 
Additions or amendments to the Code when passed in the form as to indicate the intention of the City of Dearborn to make the same a part of the Code shall be deemed to be incorporated in the Code, so that reference to the Code includes the additions and amendments.
Section 6. Ordinances Adopted After January 1, 1991. 
Ordinances adopted after January 1, 1991 that amend or refer to ordinances that have been codified in the Code, shall be construed as if they amend or refer to like provisions of the Code.
This is to certify that the undersigned do hereby authenticate the foregoing Ordinance adopted on February 20, 1996 and published on February 29, 1996, effective the day following publication. True copies of this ordinance may be inspected or obtained in the Office of the City Clerk.
/s/ Michael A. Guido
/s/ Duane Wydendorf
City Clerk