(A)   Permit required. A mobile home installation permit for the permanent installation of mobile homes within a park is required. All permanent installations shall be in conformity with this subchapter.
   (B)   Applications and fees. Permits for the installation of mobile home shall be obtained by the owner or person making the installation prior to placement of the mobile home on the unit. Application shall be made on forms supplied by the city and shall be accompanied by a fee set by the Council resolution. Said fee shall cover the cost of application and installation inspection.
   (C)   Certificate of occupancy. No person shall occupy a mobile home within a park until after inspection of the installation and issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the Building Inspector.
   (D)   Violations. Whenever the inspection of a mobile home reveals a violation of this subchapter, the inspector shall serve upon the owner or installer a notice of violations setting forth the violations. Said notice shall be deemed served by posting said notice on the mobile home in violation and shall not be removed until the violation is corrected or the mobile home removed from the city. The inspector shall provide a reasonable time for curing of violation. Failure to cure within the time provided shall be deemed a violation of this subchapter. If the violation is not cured within five days after expiration of the period allowed to cure the defect, the mobile home shall be removed from the city. Notice to remove shall be served by the Inspector in the same manner as notice of violation. Failure to remove in accordance with the notice shall give the city the right to seek injunction relief and the owner of the mobile home shall be liable for the expense the city incurs in bringing the action; including attorney’s fees and, if necessary, removing the mobile home.
(1978 Code, § 903.07) Penalty, see § 155.99