(A)   Applicability of subchapter. The applicant for a building permit for the construction of a mobile home park or any part thereof shall comply with all applicable provisions of this subchapter as they apply to such construction.
   (B)   Plans. Each application shall be accompanied by ten four copies and one electronic copy of detailed plans of the proposed construction and improvements of the site.
   (C)   State approval. Every application for a building permit to construct a mobile home park or to expand an existing mobile home park shall be accompanied by plans approved by the State Department of Health, showing that the applicant is complying with all recommendations, suggestions and laws under the jurisdiction of that Department.
   (D)   Council approval. The building permit shall be issued by the Building Inspector only after it has been approved by a majority vote of the Council.
(1978 Code, § 903.06) Penalty, see § 155.99