(A)   Application. Application for a special permit to establish, construct, maintain and expand or enlarge a mobile home park under the provisions of this subchapter shall be made to the Council. The application for a permit shall be accompanied by ten copies plus an electronic copy of the mobile home park plan showing the following, either existing or proposed:
      (1)   Legal description and survey of the area proposed for mobile home park;
      (2)   Roads and driveways within the park;
      (3)   Location of sites or units for mobile homes;
      (4)   Location and number of sanitary conveniences;
      (5)   Proposed disposition of surface drainage;
      (6)   Proposed street surfacing and lighting;
      (7)   Off-street parking;
      (8)   Patios;
      (9)   Location of community buildings;
      (10)   Location of recreation facilities;
      (11)   Location of sidewalks;
      (12)   Location of setback lines for mobile homes;
      (13)   Location of screening, planting, green areas and the like;
      (14)   Any other information requested by the city; and
      (15)   Location of utility lines.
   (B)   Adjoining properties. Each application for a special use permit shall be accompanied by a list of the names and addresses of all persons owning property within 300 feet of any boundary line of the proposed mobile home park site.
   (C)   Fee. Each applicant shall be required to pay a fee according to the current fee schedule in § 35.02, plus engineering and attorney’s fees pursuant to §§ 35.01 and 35.02 of this code of ordinances, at the time the application is filed with the city. This money shall be used by the Council to defray the expense of processing said application.
   (D)   Hearing. No special permit for any mobile home park shall be issued until after a public hearing has been held on the matter by the Council. This hearing shall be advertised in the official newspaper of the city at least once, ten days and not more than 20 days prior to the public hearing. The applicant shall mail a notice of said hearing to each of the property owners within one-half mile of the proposed mobile home park site.
   (E)   Existing parks and amortization. All existing mobile home parks shall be required to obtain a special use permit within 30 days of the effective date of this subchapter. Other than making application to the Council, existing mobile home park applicants need not comply with divisions (A), (B), (C) and (D) above. All existing units not in conformity with setback, area or other requirements relating to lot size in this subchapter shall be brought into conformity therewith by 7-1-1981. Such lots may be brought into conformity by combination of lots or other means of achieving necessary dimensions.
(1978 Code, § 903.05) Penalty, see § 155.99