(A)   Application. Any person desiring to locate a mobile home for dwelling use in the city outside an approved mobile home park shall make written application to the Council for a temporary mobile home use permit, stating all information necessary as established by Council resolution.
   (B)   Temporary mobile home permits. Permits for mobile homes located outside approved mobile home parks, if granted, may be issued by Council only, for periods not to exceed 90 days; provided, however, that, the Council may extend the permit for additional 90 day periods upon payment of an additional fee.
   (C)   Fee. A fee of $5 will be required for each temporary permit issued or each renewal of a permit issued.
   (D)   Cancellation. Any permit issued under this section is subject to cancellation at any time by order of the Council if any of the terms of the subchapter are violated.
   (E)   Occupancy. If a temporary permit is issued, the mobile home shall be occupied by the person to whom the permit is issued and members of his or her immediate family only. The renting, or receipt of any payment for use of a mobile home or the grounds upon which it is located, or the occupancy of the mobile home by another party is prohibited and is cause for immediate cancellation.
   (F)   Improvement. For mobile homes located outside approved mobile home parks pursuant to a temporary mobile home permit, the removal of wheels or the construction of a permanent foundation or of an addition to provide extra living space is prohibited.
   (G)   Subdivision of land. If the plot of land upon which a mobile home pursuant to a permit under this section is located, is subdivided or sold as a separate parcel, any permit issued under the terms of this section is subject to cancellation.
   (H)   Removal. Upon expiration of a temporary mobile home permit or cancellation by the Council, the mobile home shall be removed from the property by the person to whom the permit is issued or the owner or agent of the property on which the mobile home is located.
(1978 Code, § 903.04) (Ord. 83-7, passed 6-20-1983) Penalty, see § 155.99