(A)   All permanent electric and telephone lines, excluding main feeder lines and high voltage electric transmission lines in excess of 15 kilovolts’ capacity, and all other communication circuits and services as defined in the National Electrical Code, including any amendments thereto, shall be placed underground when installed in the following areas or when installed for the following types of customers:
      (1)   In all new residential subdivisions or plats containing six or more dwelling units;
      (2)   To all new multiple dwellings of four or more family units; and
      (3)   To all new commercial or industrial developments.
   (B)   All owners, platters or developers of the types of developments listed above are responsible for complying with the requirements of this section and, prior to the final approval of any plat or development plan, shall submit to the City Council written instruments from the appropriate utility companies showing that all necessary arrangements with said companies for underground installation of such utilities have been made.
(Ord. 2009-06, passed 4-14-2009)