(A)   It is unlawful for any peddler, solicitor or transient merchant to engage in any business within the city without first registering with the City Clerk and obtaining a permit in compliance with the provisions of this section.
      (1)   Persons registering for a permit under this section shall first file an application with the city available on a form to be furnished by the city stating the following, without limitation:
         (a)   Name and driver’s license number or other acceptable identification of the person registering;
         (b)   Name and addresses of all persons working for or assisting the registrant, as well as authorization for background checks of the registrant and all persons assisting the registrant;
         (c)   Permanent home address of the applicant and the address of the place of business of the firm or corporation that the applicant represents;
         (d)   Description of the nature of the business and goods to be sold;
         (e)   Length of time for which right to do business is requested;
         (f)   Dates and hours when the activity will be conducted;
         (g)   Make, model, year, color and state license number of each motor vehicle to be used in connection with the proposed activity;
         (h)   A list of the three previous municipalities through which the applicant has obtained a permit, license or registration for the proposed activity; and
         (i)   In cases of transient merchant sales, the applicant must also provide:
            1.   Proof of appropriate permission to operate on proposed site; and
            2.   Copy of the firm or individual’s sales tax permit that must be posted at the site.
      (2)   Persons registering shall also be required to pay a registration fee to cover the administrative costs of processing and investigation as determined by the City Council by resolution. The fee shall be for each individual who is registered under the permit.
      (3)   All registered solicitors, peddlers and transient merchants shall display a registration permit issued by the city.
      (4)   All registrations shall be valid for the calendar year expiring on December 31 after their issue. No proration of permit fees shall be allowed.
      (5)   Investigation. Upon receipt of each application for registration with the required information and fee, the Chief of Police or his or her designee shall immediately institute an investigation of the applicant including criminal history and wanted persons check for the protection of the public.
      (6)   Except as provided in M.S. § 364.05, as it may be amended from time to time, any applicant may be found to be unsatisfactory, and the application rejected, for reasons in the city’s determination, including:
         (a)   Fraud, misrepresentation, omission or incorrect statement in the application form;
         (b)   Past fraud, misrepresentation or incorrect statement in the course of business as a solicitor, peddler or transient merchant;
         (c)   Past conviction of any crime including fraud, theft or moral turpitude, or any crime of violence deemed qualified by the Chief of Police given the age of offense, nature of offense and explanation of any mitigating circumstances;
         (d)   Conducting the business in an unlawful manner so as to constitute breach of peace or menace to health, safety or general welfare; or
         (e)   Any other circumstances indicating that the intended recipient may not honestly, lawfully and safely conduct the proposed activity.
   (B)   The reasons for rejection shall be noted and the applicant notified of the disapproval of the permit. The applicant shall be informed of approval of any application for registration and the Police Department shall promptly communicate said decision to the applicant.
(Ord. 2011-03, passed 3-22-2011) Penalty, see § 112.99