§ 112.03 EXEMPTIONS.
   This section does not apply to the following:
   (A)   Acts of merchants or employees in delivering goods or services, where the city resident authorized the contact via contract, invitation or request;
   (B)   Children, age 18 years or younger, soliciting for school-sponsored activities or for such organizations as the scouts or little league, where the children are members of the organization and where the proceeds of the sale are mainly devoted to the benefit of children;
   (C)   Solicitations for donations, money or financial assistance for an organization that is philanthropic, religious, political, non-profit or educational in nature, or selling or distributing literature or merchandise for which a fee is charged or solicited on behalf of such an organization; or
   (D)   City-approved festivals, community celebrations, farmers markets or fairs.
(Ord. 2011-03, passed 3-22-2011)