§ 111.01 PURPOSE.
    Because the city recognizes that many persons under the age of 21 purchase or under the age of 18 obtain, possess and use tobacco products, and tobacco-related devices in violation of state law, and because smoking has been shown to be the cause of several serious health problems which subsequently place a financial burden on all levels of government, this chapter is intended to regulate the sale, possession and use of tobacco, tobacco products and tobacco-related devices for the purpose of enforcing and furthering existing laws, to protect minors against the serious effects associated with the illegal use of tobacco, tobacco products and tobacco-related devices, and to further the public policy of the State of Minnesota in regard to preventing young people from starting to smoke as stated in M.S. § 144.391, as it may be amended from time to time.
(Ord. 2002-5, passed 3-12-2002; Ord. 2020-04, passed 2-11-2020)