No lawful gambling license or premises permit, nor any renewal of either, will be approved by the City Council for:
   (A)   Any organization that has failed to pay the contributions as stated in this subchapter or has an outstanding deficiency in such contribution;
   (B)   No bingo or raffle license will be approved for an organization that also operates another bingo or raffle game in the city. No person who is under the age of 21 years shall operate or assist in operating a pull-tab distribution in the city; and
   (C)   Any organization must meet the following:
      (1)   The organization has been in continuous existence holding meetings for more than one year to the application for the license or permit;
      (2)    Of the gross profits derived from lawful gambling sales in the city, 50% of the licensee’s or permit holder’s profits for lawful purposes must be on charitable and/or not for profit purposes conducted or located within one or more of the following cities of Hennepin and Wright Counties, Minnesota: Dayton, Champlin, Maple Grove, Rogers and Otsego;
      (3)   The licensee or permit holder must make the contributions as required under this subchapter to the City Gambling Fund;
      (4)   The licensee or permit holder must make all reports as required under this subchapter to the City Gambling Fund; and
      (5)   Must be an eligible organization under § 110.05 of this chapter.
(Ord. 2002-3, passed 2-26-2002; Ord. 2012-08, passed 5-22-2012; Ord. 2020-02, passed 2-11-2020) Penalty, see § 110.99