§ 31.03 MINUTES.
   (A)   Clerk to keep. Minutes of each Council meeting shall be kept by the Clerk, Deputy Clerk or other designated person. Ordinances, resolutions and claims need not be recorded in full in the minutes if they appear in other permanent records of the Clerk and can be accurately identified from the description given in the minutes.
   (B)   Approval. The minutes of each meeting shall be reduced to typewritten form and shall be signed by the Clerk; copies thereof shall be delivered to each Council member. At the next regular Council meeting following such delivery, approval of the minutes shall be considered by the Council. The minutes need not be read aloud, but the presiding officer shall call for any additions or corrections. If there is no objection to the proposed addition or correction, it may be made without a vote of Council. If there is an objection, the Council shall vote upon the addition or correction. If there are no additions or corrections, the minutes shall stand approved.
(1978 Code, § 201.03)